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CONact Market Entry Management GmbH, situated in Germany is working in different business areas.
The focus is often on solving difficult business situations with structural problems, often combined with innovation and information technology.

Who we are

In the healthcare sector, which is highly interdisciplinary with many stakeholders, there is considerable potential for effectiveness and efficiency in terms of technology and, in particular, digitization. 

Our role is not only to offer ready-made solutions, but also to improve them along the value chain with manufacturers, doctors, health professionals and people / patients together and sustainably!

The market in the healthcare industry

Working in the Consulting, Innovation and Restructuring we realized that in the healthcare-industry is an extreme need on intelligent solutions.

Working in the Medical Device Industry many steps are still paperwork and tools / devices are still managed manually. There is a big potential for integrating the different technologies and coordinating the professionals ( fisio, doctors, nurses, Trainers, technician ) including their input and their outcoming.

We realized, that we need  interdisciplinary know-how, management in so many sectors!

In this industry still many so called “scientific studies” are promoted / supported by manufacturers and
therefore often negative results and negative implications are not published.

We know, that only with a transparent way – if possible real-time – integrating all actors with all tools (analysis, therapies and treatments, surgery) including patients and manufacturers we get satisfying solution.

The IT-technology with all his different areas will create key solution, which will improve approach and results permanently.

Our Focus

Integration Devices

Digital and Remote Monitoring.

Doctors,physicians and professional should monitor the health of any patient even when they are not in the clinic. This can includes even the Manufacturers to use a “benchmarking”-Tool to understand and learn under what conditions ( pathologies, demographic information, contraindications, conflicts with other treatments ).

Furthermore the professional can deliver more information direct to his clients / patients getting and viewing their health information ( test results, doctor’s conclusions and medication prescriptions) from home. This is made possible by cloud-based online access to the information and personal cabinet.

Workflow and activities

With medical device integration, the clinics and doctors  achieves an effective and transparent workflow. All areas of the hospital are connected and can be easily controlled through the web-based system. For sure more devices / tools are integrated better and more efficient is the whole process.
Another contribution to ease the daily routine of the medical staff is the elimination of manual work with medical records and clinical data. As mentioned before, data no longer has to be collected manually, as integrated medical devices can collect and analyze data automatically. As a result, medical staff receive clear and processed information, likely even collected and summarized by more than one device at a time. With integrated medical data, the process is much faster, which increases its quality and eliminates all possible errors due to human factors.


Data received from all medical devices is now filtered, stored and backed up online. This means no more tedious searching for the patient data you need on all devices, the system collects everything automatically and sends the data directly to the storage location.
Regarding the data there should be the possibility to transfer data / results to the Cloud ( own solution / drive eccetera ) of the client, giving him the authority how to manage and give access of these data.

Including Clients / Patients


Patients should be structurally integrated into the workflow by questioning them about their state of health (pain, mobility, etc.). It is important to use this information in consideration of personal data protection as a basis for data evaluation / benchmarking also beyond the time of treatment ( 1,2,3 years etc. or regularly ).

Collecting Data

In the future, also in relation to data collection, instruments should be done in the clinic / Curement area but also integrated in the home area (temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.). 

Ownership of Information

Essential is that all information are in the ownership of the client / patient. This means there should be a standard procedure / activity to transfer these information digitally and that the client owns and manages his information. 

Easy and natural Dialog with patient

Digitising and integrating with different solutions in an global world is the future and essential to produce better results. To get there we still need solutions which “instinctively “ are easy to manage preselect for the correct information. Video- and voice-Chats has to be parallel with devilivering and exchange information with the Human / Patient.

General Management / CRM

Overall, you need a CRM system, which general areas such as patient management
with resources such as staff, devices, patients, treatment management, consulting, billing and reporting.

Since there are already sufficient existing solutions or partial solutions, the decisive factor here is to integrate them uniformly.

It is therefore crucial to establish an API standard for the various software solutions (Application Program Interface).   

Our Solutions

All our solutions are cloud based. On the other hand we deliver Smartphone / Tablet solutions to complete the integration with devices or for the user-side to be more flexible, the same digitalising devices and tools we use own developed hardware to attach other devices in this workflows

Terminal Management

CRM Management

Reporting / Benchmarking

Documentation in Cloud

FlexFlow (coming soon)

Our approach with Partners

Since this market is quite complex our approach is to begin with our already existing solutions to enter in a new partnership. 


Key is there the Reporting / Benchmarking solution to realize a project together with the hospital/clinic and during this project get to know each other better.

The alternative is to use our Solutions with the existing devices already Cloud-Managed.
All parties in these workflow will learn and improve

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