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Working chain between patient, POS and manufacturer


in the traditional version, there is a linear work chain that goes from the producer to the consumer

Working chain between patient, POS and manufacturer


With Healthin.cloud  services we create a Dynamic – integrated workflow:

  • Cloud-platform –  IoT
  • procedures–Feedback-Integration
  • Affected -> active players
  • flexible Service Developing

We offer a 360° service in Cloud

All apps and solutions are integrated thanks to flexible adoption of new requirements

Terminal Management


We digitize the various devices and hardware in cooperation with the respective manufacturers using control units developed specifically for this purpose. 


In this way, the device management (function test, use, effect, feedback) is integrated between the participants (client, POS, gym, therapist, clinic, veterinarian, technician, distributor and manufacturer) transparently possible and thus the benefit can be optimized.


For this we use our solution Terminal-Manager !

Consists of a Cloud- Internet solution, which is directly connected to local physical devices.
These devices realize different Magnetic-Fields with connected coils. The frequency differ and are managed by the Cloud-Software, partly there are parallel different frequency syncronized with each other.

Connection is realized with Wifi -> to the Terminal-Managment App and -> even locally to an Android Tablet or Smartphone 

Navigate the Terminal Management App


The Admin and Distributor manage different Profiles = Clinics and Physician ……


Doctor / Clinic View:

The doctor / Physicians has only a view regarding his Center ( Wellness or Clinic )…


Here you see different users with their Roles = Functions


Different Treatments with specific Frequencies and duration will be managed here according to scope and pathology of devices !


Doctor can assign specific treatments to clients / users / patients with specific N-Sessions and Users sees what is consumed and left.


Transactions of all centers / devices are saved here with date / time and if each sessions was completed!


All devices are connected and managed in this Terminal – Table!

The Terminal Management App is connected with an API-Tecnology to the CRM-APP.

CRM Management

Our cloud solution CRM is for wellness / fitness center / physiotherapists, doctors incl. veterinarians. 

Our CRM solution is especially interesting when using our benchmarking / scorecard cloud solution to determine treatment and therapy effectiveness from patients / clients.

 Likewise, the CRM solution offers an interface to terminal management. Thereby digitalized devices / treatments can be managed.

This App manage customers, users, different services including treatments and appointments.

  • Time-Scheduling and Billing.
  • The same according of the rules ( Distributor, Manufacturer, Clinic, Professional..) user data a white-labelled.
  • Billing is considering all steps from Manufacturer till end User / client. 

Navigate the CRM Management App


Overview of a Staff list


Dashboard with some data and results


Devices and information ( automatically imported and synchronized with Terminal-Management


Admin  manages Distributors


Admin or Distributor manage Centers ( wellness or clinics )


white labeled data of patients!


Treatment List – white labelled ( for distributor / admin )


Clinic and doctor has a calendar overview of all treatments and visits / appointments

Benchmarking and Reporting 

With our benchmarking solution, the physiotherapist / physician / fitness wellness professional is able to use standardized, recognized questionnaires such as DASH, Womac, Lequesne, Roland Morris….

etc. in the respective national languages to send questionnaires to his customers in time and several times automated. 

At the same time he receives a reporting to get the results per treatment device / pathology or other demographic component as a group report or also individually for each client as a report / graph. 

The Benchmarking and Reporting App manage to send collect and examin questionnaires for different pathologies.

If patient is admitting via email or Whatsapp this questionnaires will be send over time 5-6 different time schedules to the patient to explain his performance. Criteria is always Pain and Mobility of the client.

Navigate the Benchmarking and Reporting App


Manage all questionnaires and active languages 


Manage Pathology – with languages / questionnaire and treatment devices….


Group Report with different treatments


Manage Distrbutors – and Center – Management 



Clinic / Doctor sees single Answer-Reports



Clinic / Doctor sees single graphic Report

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